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Issac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is mentioned among the greatest scientists the world has ever seen. Newton was a world renowned physicist. He told the world about the Gravitational Theory of the Earth. With this, the three laws of Newton changed the physics completely.

Here are some Interesting Facts about Newton

  • Newton was born in 1642 and it was the same year another Genius Galileo died. He was a premature at birth. He could fit inside a quart size mug according to his mother. His mother thought he would not be able to live long.


  • Sir Isaac Newton’s father’s name was also Isaac Newton. His father  passed away just three months before his birth. He was named Isaac to honor his father.


  • When Newton was just three years old, his mother Hannah Ayscough left him to his maternal grandmother in order to live  her life with her new husband.


Isaac Newton

  • Isaac Newton was bullied at school because of his shy and quiet nature. He tried to prove himself better than the other students by focusing his whole attention to the school work.


  • The Apple story about Newton is quite popular, According to the story Isaac Newton was sleeping under an apple tree when an apple fell on him. Only after that he discovered the theory of gravity. However it is just a story. While Newton was walking in his Garden, he found an apple lying on the ground and it led to curiosities that paved his way towards his achievements in the theory of gravity.
  • Newton’s tooth is considered to be the world’s most precious tooth. The price of this tooth was put at an auction in 1816 at $ 3,600, the tooth is valued today at $ 35,000.


  • Newton remained a virgin all his life. According to records, Newton had never married, as well as evidence of his sex was never found. Isaac Newton probably never had time for his personal life, or simply, he did not want any distractions.
  • In addition to being a great scientist, Newton was also of a religious tendency. People often think that Scientists do not believe in God. Newton did not share his religious views quite often but he always wrote about them. It was in the 1960’s when his 10 million-word papers were published publicly.


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