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The Big Bang Theory


The universe came into existence as a result of a great explosion called the Big Bang Theory. According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe was shrunk about 13.7 billion years ago. Due to an explosion in it, every single particle was spread in it, which resulted in the creation of the universe. This expansion continues even today, due to which the universe is still spreading today. This explosion emitted immense energy. This energy was so high that the effect of the universe continues to spread to date. All physical beliefs are defined by a single phenomenon called the Big Bang Theory.


Big Bang Theory
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Current beliefs of the time, space had come into existence after a mere 1.83-second interval of the explosion of this great blast. The laws of physics started to apply. In 1.34th second, the universe had spread 1030 times and had become a hot matter of quarks, leptons, and photons. At 1.4 seconds, quarks started forming protons and neutrons together and the universe had cooled down a bit. The existence of hydrogen, helium, etc. began to form, and other physical elements began to form.

The universe was born as a result of a great explosion. This is called The Big Bang theory. , according to which about twelve to fourteen billion years ago the entire universe was in the form of an atomic unit. Time did not exist any concept like human time and place.

The first physical law and the second cosmic principle. According to the cosmological theory, the universe is homogeneous and isotropic. In 1949, British scientist Peter Higgs proposed the principle of the weight of the fluid of the universe in billions of seconds after the great explosion, which was based on the Boson theory of Indian scientist Satyendra Nath Bose. It was later known as ‘Higgs-Boson’. While this theory exposed the mysteries of the origin of the universe, its nature, and many more vital concepts that form the universe as we know it.

Big Bang Theory
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The Contribution of Stephen Hawking:

World-famous scientist Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away. He played his role in understanding the universe and he also contributed in understanding black hole and big bang theory. The Big Bang Theory is a scientific theory of the creation of the universe. This theory tries to explain when and how this universe was created. Stephen Hawking explained this theory. According to this theory, about 15 billion years ago, the entire physical element and energy were confined at one point. Then this point started spreading. The Big Bang was not an explosion like a bomb blast, but in it, particles of the early universe spread throughout space and ran away from each other.



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The history of the beginning of the Big Bang theory is written by George Lamanter in modern physics. Lamanter was a Roman Catholic priest as well as a scientist. His theory was based on Albert Einstein’s famous general theory of relativism. It was Edwin Hubble who stated in the year 1929 that all the galaxies are shrinking from each other. The blast theory is based on two main assumptions. The credit for this theory goes to a scientist named Edwin Hubble who said that the universe is constantly expanding. Which means that the universe must have been dense ever since. Although no one knows what was before it. Hawking considered the creation of the universe a spontaneous phenomenon. However, the famous scientist Isaac Newton believed that there must be an author of this creation, otherwise such a complex creation cannot be created.

Big Bang Theory

At the same time, Hawking told on the TV show Star Talk, what used to happen before the big bang. During this time he told that it was more difficult than it was easy. According to him, there was nothing before the big bang. Hawking had said that according to the Einstein General Theory of Relativity, space and time together have created a never-ending cycle of space and time in the world, but in reality, it is not exactly flat, but because of the pressure of energy and material matter. It is rotated among themselves. This is the reason why it is not easy to understand.

Big Bang Theory
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Stephen Hawking said that even before ‘Big Bang’ time did not exist. Stephen Hawking has put forward a very new idea about the world before Big Bang which is shocking. He says that there was no existence of time before the big bang. He says that according to Einstein’s theory, at the time of the creation of the universe, all the physical matter, and energy in the world were concentrated in very small places, but his theory does not reveal any mathematical link between the condition before and after the big bang.

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