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Rumor about Dawood Ibrahim’s death after three years..

A rumor about Dawood Ibrahim . Three years later, once again media speculation about India’s most wanted Dawood Ibrahim’s death is at its peak. Reports are quoted in the source as claiming that Dawood and his wife Mahzabeen alias Zubina Zarine were admitted to the Karachi Military Hospital after Corona was infected and died there. There is no confirmation of this so-called report from anywhere and it is unlikely to happen.By the way, Dawood’s younger brother Anees dismissed media reports of Dawood being infected on Friday.

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It is not the first time that speculation about Dawood Ibrahim’s death has come. Three years ago, in 2017, there was a similar rumor about Dawood’s death in April. The news was spread that Dawood died after a heart attack. However, the Mumbai Police and later Dawood’s brother Chhota Shakeel dismissed these speculations.

Dawood Ibrahim
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While Dawood was receiving reports of heart attack and death, he was seen at a party at Javed Miandad’s house on 19 April 2017. Miandad’s son Junaid and Dawood’s daughter Mahrukh were married in 2005. However, underworld experts and many senior journalists who have met Dawood believe that for the last few years he has been surrounded by a lot of diseases and his health is not very good. Dawood is also gripped by a dangerous disease like gangrene.


Story of Dawood

Dawood is the mastermind of the Mumbai bomb blasts in March 1993. After leaving India, he took refuge in the Gulf countries and then in Pakistan. Dawood Ibrahim was born on December 27, 1955 in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra and his father Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar was a constable in the Mumbai Police. Dawood’s involvement with Haji Mastan and gangster Dangari started off as gangsters. Dawood’s criminal record continued to grow over time.After the fight between Haji Mastan and the Pathan gang made up of migrants from Afghanistan, Dawood became quite powerful and dangerous.

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Dawood Ibrahim
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Dawood Ibrahim controlled all the gangs of the Pathan gang and the Surve gang and then after Mastan entered politics. The entire gang took over the responsibility of Dawood. After this, his stature in the underworld grew significantly. After shifting to Duai, Dawood thought of increasing his business. And after all this, his stature in the underworld grew significantly. After shifting to Duai, Dawood thought of expanding his business. Dawood placed bets on the ship breaking business he used to smuggle arms, explosives and banned substances into the country. Dawood then entered the world of drug smuggling and betting. After appearing in the world of betting, he also appeared with many cricketers.

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