Parallel Universe really exist? NASA Scientists confirm the theory

Parallel Universe

NASA scientists have discovered evidence of a parallel universe, which is right next to us, where all the laws of physics are running in reverse.These high-energy particles are a million times more powerful than anything we make on Earth.

parallel universe
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An experiment in Antarctica’s frozen garbage has revealed evidence of a universe similar to ours born in the Big Bang – but with laws of physics that are completely opposite

In the theory of parallel universes, when the Big Bang occurred, two universes formed. Although it remains a mystery, it is a popular concept in films and TV series.

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In a report by the Daily Star, cosmic ray detection particles made by many NASA scientists may be from outside our own universe.

Parallel Universe

The group of experts was working with NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA).

They used a giant balloon to mount the device high above Antarctica, where there is cool, dry air, which provides excellent conditions for using it as there is no radio noise that can distort its findings. is.

ANITA is a device that detects ultra-high energy cosmic-ray neutrinos.

These high-energy particles are a million times more powerful than anything we can create on Earth, and have become a major interest for neutrino astronomers because they are the ones that are out of reach of the Earth. .

According to the news outlet, low-energy neutrinos can pass through our planet without problems, barely interacting with anything.

Nevertheless, high-energy particles will be intercepted by our planet’s solids, which is why these high-energy particles are detected coming “down” from space.

However, the team’s ANITA detected a tau neutrino or a massive particle coming from Earth “up” in 2016, meaning that these particles are traveling back in time and maybe evidence of a parallel universe.

The bizarre incident was reported by NASA scientists led by experimental particle physicist Peter Gorham from the University of Hawaii, along with ANITA’s lead investigator.

Even Tau neutrinos were discovered by accident, as Gorham and his team decided to investigate signals that have been dismissed as noise in the first two flights of the device, as in New Scientist Had noted.

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