Lockdown 4.0 :- All new rules and regulations to be introduced

Lockdown 4.0

Lockdown 4.0 guidelines can be released very soon. Home Minister Amit Shah had a 5-hour meeting with the officers. There is a possibility of more concessions in the green zone.

Home Minister Amit Shah met before the lockdown-4 guidelines were announced. Home Minister Amit Shah held several hours of meetings with the officials of the ministry. Yesterday was the last day for states to give suggestions on guidelines.

The meeting discussed the strategy of lockdown 4.0

According to information, this meeting was started by Amit Shah on May 18 for the purpose of formulating a strategy regarding Lockdown 4.0. After considering the suggestions received from the states, the Ministry of Home Affairs will issue guidelines.

What can be new in Lockdown 4.0?

The economy is being projected in Lockdown-4. According to sources – it is possible to approve the industry in the green zone. At the same time, the number of labor trains may increase. And it is also feared that flights can also be started on the selected route.

Here is what can be new in Lockdown-4 …

>Citizens have to take care of health and safety themselves
>Economy will be emphasized in Lockdown 4.0
>States can be exempted from the Center
>Traffic and industries may be allowed in the green zone
>Also, it can be approved to run buses and taxis in the green zone.
>Passenger train will not be run at the moment
>But the special train and labor train will run as before and the number and route will be increased.
>Domestic flight service will also be considered on select routes from May 18


On Lockdown-4, Kejriwal sent a list of suggestions to PM Modi. According to the information, Kejriwal has appealed that there is a need to run the metro for people engaged in government and essential services. He also said that malls and salons should be kept closed.

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