Plasma Therapy:The Cure for Corona or is it?

Plasma Therapy:-The Cure for Corona or Not


What is plasma therapy, which the Chinese doctors are using for treating the corona patients.

In China, plasma therapy has emerged as a boon for cured people with corona virus. Patients are being given plasma of cured people, due to which their condition is being improved. The World Health Organization has praised the move.

Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in China. So far, more than 1800 deaths have occurred in China due to the corona virus. Amidst the devastation caused by the corona virus in China, doctors in Shanghai have found a cure for the corona virus. The doctors collect the plasma of the patients who have been cured of the corona virus infection, then offer it to the patients who are being treated. The patients are seen getting relief from this.

Plasma Therapy
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On Monday, a Chinese medical professor gave information about this.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the use of plasma is good according to the experiment, but for this the patient should also have better immunity. There is also the challenge of increasing the disease resistance of the patient before the doctors.

Collected plasma of cured people has emerged as a better medicine to treat people. People who are infected with this disease are getting help in their treatment.

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Mike Ryan, head doctor of WHO’s Health Emergency Program, gave this information in Geneva. Mike Ryan said that work should be done in this direction. Doctor Mike believes that hyper immune globulin improves antibodies in patients, which improves patients. It should be used at the right time. This causes great harm to the virus and it improves the patient’s immune system and it is better at fighting the corona virus. It must be done at the right time, and it is not guaranteed succeed every time.

WHO also praised

Doctor Ryan said that this is an important discovery. I am confident that China will do a better test in this matter. When there is no better vaccine for treatment, it is okay to do so. Apart from plasma therapy, doctors in China are also trying to license anti-virus drugs. Let’s see how helpful it proves to be.

1800 people have died so far

The corona virus has emerged like an epidemic in China. The epidemic that has spread from the sea food market in Wuhan city of Hubei province of China has swallowed the lives of more than 1800 people in China. In China, 11,298 people have been found infected with the corona virus, while the condition of 11,298 people is still serious. The condition of 47,117 people is stable, while 11,145 people have been cured of this disease. There are 58,415 people infected with the Corona virus in China right now.

plasma therapy

On Monday, there were 332 cases of corona virus infection. Professor Lu Hongzhou of the Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center claims that 184 patients are hospitalized. 166 cases are still at the initial stage, while the condition of 18 remains very critical.

Similar treatment is being done in Wuhan

At the same time, Chiang Tingyu, head of Chininthan Hospital in Wuhan, said that a lot of antibodies have been given in the body of healthy NCP patients, which can resist the Novel Corona virus.

Plasma of NCP patients is effective in treating severe cases. The head of Chininthan, Wuhan, told that the hospital is studying plasma of those who were suffering from NCP and the preliminary results of the study have been found. Now, on the pre-condition of lack of vaccine and effective medicine, the treatment of NCP patients using special plasma is an effective solution. Doctors are appealing to patients to donate plasma so that other patients suffering from NCP can be saved.

On February 13, the China National Biotech Group (CNBG) announced that special plasma has been successfully prepared for clinical treatment after a serious blood biologic safety test, virus inactivation and antivirus activation testing. It will be used to treat severe cases of NCP. Simultaneously, CNBG and Wuhan Blood Center have also called jointly that NCP patients who have become healthy should donate blood.

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