Coronavirus India Update : India reaches 9,000 + patients ; US most Affected Country

Coronavirus Update

The world faces a challenge due to the increased infection of the coronavirus. America, which claimed to be the most powerful, could not survive this challenge. The genie of Corona, born from Wuhan, has reached America. The challenge before him is huge and to overcome this, he has also pleaded with India.
The number of infected people in America has crossed four lakhs and the death toll has increased to more than 14 thousand. Tests are being done to confirm the coronavirus in many countries of the world. This shows who is suffering from corona infection and who is suffering from only common cough-fever or viral. In the context of India, there have been very few tests regarding corona in India.
World struggling with Corona: The world is facing a big crisis due to Corona. This can be gauged from the fact that more than 1.5 million people have been infected with the coronavirus globally and the death toll has crossed 85 thousand. However, a ray of hope is definitely visible to those who have returned from battling a corona infection. Globally 3 million people infected with corona have been cured.
Criticism of the US: The US has been heavily criticized for under-testing the COVID-19 epidemic. By the middle of March, only 125 out of a million population were tested for its inhabitants, while South Korea tested 5,567 per million people and 2,514 in Italy. The US has now confirmed the test and the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 was 3,37,646 as of April 06, according to Johns Hopkins University.
Despite the improvement, the US is still lagging behind other countries in testing and according to the latest data published by Worldometer, it had conducted 6766 tests per million people as of April 09. It still lags behind a long list of countries, with Canada performing 8,767 tests per million population and Germany 10,962.
Coronavirus India:- Deathly coronavirus cases are increasing in India. According to the government figures, so far 9,166 patients have been confirmed in the country while 325 people have lost their lives with this dangerous virus. Corona has caused the most havoc in Maharashtra where the number of deaths from Kovid-19 has reached 97, which is almost half of the deaths across the country. So many cases of corona have come across the country right now.

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